Author of the code is Jiri Horn; contemporary maintainer is Petr Skoda

It is a small, yet powerful program used for processing stellar spectra at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Ondrejov. It was originally written in 1990 by Dr. Jiri Horn for processing spectral plates obtained with the 2m telescope of the Ondrejov observatory and scanned at the local five channel microphotometer. Since then the code had been under constant improvement until the sudden death of the author in December 1994. In present days it is used mainly for reduction of data from Ondrejov Reticon detector (1872 pixels, 12 bit A/D), however it can accept data from other instruments too, provided that they are in FITS one-dimensional format.

The Introduction to the SPEFO.     The text is copy of the poster of P. Skoda: SPEFO -- Simple, Yet Powerful Program for One-Dimensional Spectra Analysis presented at the ADASS V in Tucson and published in an abridged form in its proceedings: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems V, ed. by G. H. Jacoby and J. Barnes, ASP Conference Series, Vol 101, p. 187-190.

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More examples of SPEFO screens prepared by M. Slechta.

The code of SPEFO (the latest original version with example files in *.tgz format)