Guiding System

The guiding system is designed to spectroscopy only. What about guiding of the photometry camera, we guide the telescope (if necessary) with short exposure among "scientific" files.

The fibers to spectrographs are grabbed in small slanted mirror just in optical axis. Simple camera is focused on the mirror. The small mirror moves on train and thus asked fiber is placed to focus of the guiding camera.

We operate with three fibers: two of them for single order spectrograph (star and sky background) and one fiber for the echelle.

Guiding mirror for spectrographs.

Guiding the star on the middle fiber.

Guiding the star on the lower fiber.

Simple scheme of the guiding system for spectrographs (profile).

Photo of the system in the primary focus.
Slanted mirror (with fibers to spectrographs) and photometric camera move on train, guiding camera and callibration fibers are fixed.
On the right - there is detail of slented mirror with fibers to spectrographs.

Basic characteristics of the Guiding Camera

  • Camera: G1 0300 (Moravian instruments)
  • CCD chip: ICX424AL, 656x494, pixelsize 7.4x7.4 microns
  • Cooling: No cooling
  • Filters: No filters
  • Exposure time: 0.1 -- 30s
  • Field of view: 7.1 x 5.3 arcmin
  • Limit magnitude: 17.2mag
  • Scale: 0.64arcsec/px