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International Summer School on Stellar Winds and Outflows


We thank all teachers and students for their enthusiasm and their engagement which made this Summer School a fantastic happening!


Stars lose mass via winds. Depending on the initial mass of the star, these winds might play a minor or a major role for the evolution of the star. The more massive and metal rich the star, the more pronounced is its loss of material throughout the evolution by powerful winds. During the last few decades new stellar wind solutions have been discovered that deepened our understanding of this important mass-loss mechanism.

Stars can also experience mass outflows in form of ejecta. Such ejecta occur already in the very early stages when the stars are still in their accretion processes. But also evolved stars can display signs of mass ejections and outbursts. Known evolutionary phases with outflows and ejections are, for example, planetary nebulae, luminous blue variables, yellow hypergiants, and Wolf-Rayet stars.

This school addresses advanced Master and PhD students. The subject of the school is devoted to stellar winds and stellar outflows in a diversity of stars and evolutionary stages, with focus on massive stars. The goal of the school is to educate and train the next generation of researchers in stellar wind theory and in modeling of stellar winds, outflows, and wind-ISM interactions with sophisticated tools. Moreover, the school aims to raise awareness about the importance of winds and mass loss throughout stellar evolution.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Winds along stellar evolution

  • Observations of stellar winds

  • Radiative transfer and stellar atmospheres

  • Introduction to (magneto-)hydrodynamics

  • Radiation driven winds of hot stars

  • Introduction to the stellar atmosphere code TLUSTY

  • Introduction to the stellar wind code CMFGEN

  • Winds and outflows from massive pre-main sequence stars

  • Interaction between stellar winds and the ISM - the formation of astrospheres

  • Winds and outbursts of evolved massive stars (luminous blue supergiants, yellow hypergiants)

  • Theoretical treatment of pulsationally driven stellar winds

The lectures will be accompanied by hand-on sessions. Moreover, practical projects are made available to the students. These projects will be carried out in small teams and the results should be presented by each team on the last day of the school.


Lydia Cidale, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Michel Curé, Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile
Michalis Kourniotis, Astronomical Institute Ondřejov, Czech Republic
Michaela Kraus, Astronomical Institute Ondřejov, Czech Republic
Alex Lobel, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium
Olga Maryeva, Astronomical Institute Ondřejov, Czech Republic
Péter Németh, Astronomical Institute Ondřejov, Czech Republic
Dieter Nickeler, Astronomical Institute Ondřejov, Czech Republic
René Oudmaijer, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Julieta Sánchez Arias, Astronomical Institute Ondřejov, Czech Republic
Andrea Torres, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina


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Free dinners !

In addition to the Reception on September 3 and the School Dinner on September 13, all participants will have free dinner at the school hotel on September 4-8, and September 11, 12, and 14. Only during the weekend and at the last evening (September 15) everybody is free to organize their dinner on their own.

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