Extrasolar Planet Research

This illustration shows what the TRAPPIST-1 system might look like from a vantage point near planet TRAPPIST-1f (at right). Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech.


The main targets of the group are planetary candidates detected by Kepler/K2 and later TESS space missions. Currently, the members ogf the group are working on the project of refurbishment and installation of a new spectrograph (PLATOSpec) at 1.52-m telescope at ESO La Silla Observatory. This project should serve as a ground absed support for future space mission PLATO. In addition, the group is also detecting and characterizing exoplanetary atmospheres by using large telescopes mainly at ESO observatories. The group is coordinating an ERASMUS+ grant for which a public lecture series is planned.

Members of the group

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