Consortium progress meeting Ondřejov/hybrid

Date: 26 June

Venue: Stellar deprtment at AsU Ondrejov/ZOOM

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PLATOSpec will be a state-of-the art echelle spectrograph with high spectral resolution R=70k, covering the spectral range from 350nm to 700nm, which will be dedicated to ground-based support of space missions TESS, PLATO and later ARIEL. PLATOSpec is designed to achieve accuracy in radial velocities down to 5 m/s with using of simultaneous ThAr and optionally Iodine cell calibrations.

Main scientific focus of PLATOSpec will be at exoplanetary science but we expect to cover also many other topics of astrophysics which are included under Additional science programs of PLATO space mission. Literally, every topic from variable stars to galactic astronomy will be included.

Former ESO 1.52-m telescope

PLATOSpec instrument will be mounted on the former ESO 1.52-m telescope, which will be refurbished for remote operations.

About us

PLATOSpec instrument will be built and operated by a consortium lead by Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences and consisting of Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg and Universidad Catolica de Chile.

In 2022 two more institutions, namely Universidad Adolfo Ibanez (Chile) and Masaryk University (CZ) joined the team as minor partners.

Furthermore, University of Graz joined the project as a collaborative partner.

Courtesy of Z. Bardon


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