Currently, we have PUCHEROS+ spectrograph installed at E152. PUCHEROS+ is an échelle spectrograph capable based on PUCHEROS design (see Vanzi et al. 2012 - link). Our spectrograph is equipped with an ANDOR 2kx2k CCD. The parameters of the spectrograph can be found in Table 1. PUCHEROS+ will be installed until the arrival of the PLATOSpec spectrograph which is planned for early 2024.

Regarding the performance, we achieved a SNR of 20-30 for a 12 mag (V) star in 1800 sec exposure. The spectrograph and the telescope is controlled remotely. We run the pipeline to obtain the RVs daily. The pipeline is based on CERES designed by R. Brahm – Brahm et al. 2016 - link

Table 1: Main paramateres od the spectrograph

Echelle spectographParametere value
Wavelength coverage390-730 nm
Spectral resolution 18k
Thermal stability 0.5deg
RV accuracy 20m/s (nightly 5 mag star)
CalibrationThAr (not simultaneous)

Photometric CMOS sensor

Simultaneously to the spectroscopic target, we can use our C4 CMOS sensor called OnCam with 5 different sloan filters (u',g,'r',i',z', Halpha) and a clear slot and a GrazCam sensor with similar suite of filters an in addition with a low dispersion grism filter and a rotator. Both instruments are equiped with focussing units. Each of the detectors is mounted on two finder scopes installed at the telescope tube.

The finder scopes have a lens of 15 cm aperture. The field-of-view is about 1.5 degree on the sky. Both OnCam and GrazCam can be run simultaneously with the spectroscopy.

In case, only photometry is needed, we can arrange for a special run, however, the primary goal of the system is the spectroscopy.

(u', v', g', r', i', z') - (u',g,'r',i',z', Halpha)


will be a fiber fed echelle spectrograph with a white pupil setup. Detailed characteristics of PLATOSpec are summarized in Table 1 below. The spectrograph will be optimised for better sensitivity in blue wavelengths to provide a good monitoring window for Ca H&K lines to investigate stellar activity.

Table 1: Main paramateres od the spectrograph

Echelle spectographParametere value
Wavelength coverage360-680 nm
Spectral resolution 70k
Thermal stability 0.1deg
RV accuracy 3m/s
CalibrationThAr+Iodine cell