Researchers’ Night 2021 at the ASU Stellar Department

On Friday, September 24, another annual volume of the popular European Researchers’ Night took place, in which the Astronomical Institute of the ASCR in Ondřejov also took part, for the first time in cooperation with the Geodetic Observatory at Pecný Hill. Scientists working at ASU Stellar Department prepared an afternoon ‘competition – entertaining – educational’ program for children and their parents. During the event from 3 pm to midnight, dozens of visitors had an opportunity to go round the dome of the reconstructed Perek 2-m Telescope, and could also see telescope movement after a long time. Colleagues from the working group of High Energy Astrophysics presented a newly built prototype of a telescope for the detection of Cherenkov radiation, which will be tested in the next two years at the ASU campus. The Researchers night at ASU was attended by 550 visitors this year. The only flaw of the program was the weather unsuitable for evening observation. So maybe next time.

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