On 20 and 21 May 2022 the Doors Open Doors 2022 at the Astronomical Observatory of the AS CR in Ondřejov took place. Guided tours for school groups and individual visitors were prepared and a rich accompanying programme was provided.

The dome of the Perek 2-metre telescope was open to the public. The staff of the Department of Stellar Physics (scientists and technicians) organised a guided tour of the telescope. The Robotic Telescope D50 was also open to the public.

As part of the accompanying programme, the staff of the Stellar Physics Department prepared a demonstration of experiments with liquid nitrogen, which is used on the Perek telescope to cool the detectors.

For children, there were colouring books, puzzles and quizzes with astronomical themes. Cosmic face painting was also very popular.

During Friday morning, the school groups could also practice yoga with us.

On Saturday evening, a talk entitled “The European Southern Observatory and our involvement” was given by Dr Petr Kabáth from the Stellar Physics Department.

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