Two low-mass companions of evolved giant stars discovered with a help of Perek 2-m telescope in Ondřejov

In 2010, Marie and Raine Karjalainen (Stellar Department, AI AS ČR) began searching for companions of giant stars in catalogue of objects observed by the Kepler satellite. They performed an extensive systematic ground-based spectroscopic observations of about a hundred stars with several telescopes in the world, including the 2-m Perek telescope in Ondřejov. The discovery of the first companion was announced in 2017, with others now following. Observations with the Perek telescope in Ondřejov were calibrated with an iodine cell, thanks to which the obtained measurements are more accurate and have smaller systematic errors. In addition to the description of studied star systems, the presented work is the first publication using measurements made in Ondřejov with the help of an iodine cell.

More informations can be found in a AI press release.

More informations

  • M. Karjalainen, R. Karjalainen a kol., Companions to Kepler giant stars: A long-period eccentric substellar companion to KIC 3526061 and a stellar companion to HD 187878, Astronomy & Astrophysics v tisku, preprint arXiv:2209.11096

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