Search for planets around stars with wide brown dwarfs

Discoveries of extrasolar planets reveal the richness of planetary systems in the universe. Ján Šubjak from Astronomical Institute of AS CR was the lead author of the study searching for planets in systems with a wide brown dwarf companion and their possible effects on planetary system properties.

Ján Šubjak, a student of Petr Kabáth from ASU’s Stellar Department currently working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and their collaborators from other foreign institutions were interested in systems with a confirmed brown dwarf in a wide distant orbit. It is known that in systems with multiple stars, the the inner planets are influenced by the bodies of the outer parts of the system. Gravitational instabilities, the effects of accretion and collisions with planetesimals and the long-term gravitational disturbances, which typically leads to migration of bodies in multi-planet systems, come into play.

More details can be found on the ASU website.

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