ChINOS summer observation school

The first ChINOS summer observational school was organized in the period from July 24-28, 2023 at the observatory in Ondřejov as part of the European nuclear astrophysics project ChETEC-INFRA. The participants of the school were 14 students of different nationalities.

ChINOS has been developed within the European Starting Community ChETEC-INFRA and focuses on teaching astronomical spectroscopic observing techniques to young scientists (Master’s students, PhD students and young postdocs) working in nuclear astrophysics. The school includes three nights of remotely controlled observations at the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) on La Palma, Spain. Observed spectra are analysed in small teams among the school participants.The students also got to know the method of observation on the largest Czech telescope and other instruments that are used at the observatory in Ondřejov.

The main organizer of the school was Brankica Kubátová, the principle investigator of the ChETEC-INFRA project for ASU. Stellar department members Tiina Liimets and Raine Karjalainen were among the lecturers who taught the students during the summer school about observation procedures, and Jiří Srba introduced the students to the observational instruments that are actively used at ASU.


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