Martin Jelínek

Martin is a research scientists and a head of the High Energy Astrophysics group. His research areas are gamma-ray bursts, optical transients, and robotic telescopes.


René Hudec

René is senior researcher and the former head of the High Energy Astrophysics group. His research interest is focused on high energy astrophysics, both galactic and extragalactic sources, analysing of blazars and gamma-ray bursts, searching for counterparts at optical wavelengths and multispectral analyses, analysing of optical transients of astrophysical origin. Hi is also designer of space and ground-based experiments with emphasis on X-ray optics and X-ray telescopes. He is involved in space projects such as ESA INTEGRAL, Gaia, SMILE and THESEUS. He has extended knowledge of extraction and scientific use of data from astronomical archival plate collections.


  • email: rene.hudec @

Vojtěch Šimon

Vojtěch is a research scientist. His research field is astrophysical sources of the high-energy radiation.(a) X-ray sources: study of X-ray binaries (systems with the neutron star or the black hole accretor), cataclysmic variables, supersoft X-ray sources, analysis of their long-term activity in the X-ray and optical regions (transitions between the high and low states, outbursts,…); analysis of observations of X-ray monitors (ASM/RXTE, BAT/Swift, MAXI/ISS); study of activity on very long timescales using photographic archives; investigation of the dependence of the observed characteristics of these objects on their physical parameters. (b) Investigation of afterglows of gamma-ray bursts, study of their comprehensive properties, analysis of the observed relation of the afterglow and the underlying hypernova or supernova, implications for the environment in their host galaxies.


  • email: vojtech.simon @
  • phone: +420 323 620 347

External colaborators

Christina C. Thoene