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2021 Published Papers


  1. Aab A., Abreu P., Aglietta M. et al. (and 377 co-authors incl. Jelínek M.), 2021, The FRAM robotic telescope for atmospheric monitoring at the Pierre Auger Observatory, Journal of Instrumentation, Volume 16, Issue 06, id.P06027, 26 pp.
  2. Ciolfi R., Stratta G., Branchesi M. et al. (and 63 co-authors incl. Hudec R.), 2021, Multi-messenger astrophysics with THESEUS in the 2030s, Experimental Astronomy, Online First
  3. Ebr J., Karpov S., Eliášek J., Blažek J., Cunniffe R., Ebrová I., Janeček P., Jelínek M., Juryšek J., Mandát D., Mašek M., Pech M., Prouza M., Trávníček P. , 2021, A New Method for Aerosol Measurement Using Wide-field Photometry, Astron. J. 162, 6 (15 pp.)
  4. Gupta R., Oates S. R., Pandey S. B. et al. (and 38 co-authors incl. Jelínek M.), 2021, GRB 140102A: insight into prompt spectral evolution and early optical afterglow emission, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 505, Issue 3, pp.4086-4105
  5. Mereghetti S., Balman S., Caballero-Garcia M. et al. (and 73 co-authors incl. Hudec R.), 2021, Time domain astronomy with the THESEUS satellite, Experimental Astronomy, Online First
  6. Tanvir N. R., Le Floc’h E., Christensen L. et al. (and 35 co-authors incl. Hudec R.), 2021, Exploration of the high-redshift universe enabled by THESEUS, Experimental Astronomy, Online First


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