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Stellar department in media


In TV series Hlubinami vesmíru (TV Noe) appeared as a guest Marek Skarka from Stellar department. Interview is focused on pulsating stars and exoplanets research: Video 1 (Pulsating stars; May 6, 2023; in Czech); Video 2 (Exoplanets; June 3, 2023; in Czech)

“Even as a child, I was fascinated by universe”, says the head of the Stellar Department, Dr. Brankica Kubátová. You can read an interview in the February issue of ‘Zápraží‘ local magazine. (in Czech, download, pdf 11 MB)


Petr Kabáth, head of the Exoplanets working group at the Stellar department of the Astronomical Institute, appeared in Hyde Park Civilizace series (October 29; ČT24; in Czech).

55th anniversary of the Perek 2-m Telescope opening:

Credit: The ​4 m ​International ​Liquid Mirror ​Telescope

The 4-m international Liquid Mirror Telescope introduced by Petr Škoda from Stellar department of AI CAS in Český rozhlas Plus – (in 7:25:50, Czech only).

The new Gaia sky-map … with a comments of Petr Škoda from Stellar department in Dobré ráno České televize (in Czech)

How to use artificial intelligence when observing universe? What is common for information technologies and astronomy? … Interview with RNDr. Petr Škoda, CSc. from the Stellar department for Podcast Jedničky a Nuly (FIT ČVUT v Praze) – in Czech.

In the glow of the stars 111: Discoveries made by Perek 2-m telescope. Recent interesting work with Perek 2-m telescope in Ondřejov presented by Miroslav Šlechta.

Podcast Czech Space News: Petr Kabáth from Stellar department talks about exoplanet research with Perek telescope and ESO telescope at La Silla Observatory in Chile, which is in reconstruction as a part of the PLATOSpec project.

Older media appearance of Stellar department members can be found in our Archive.