Ondřejov Echelle Spectrograph

Ondřejov Echelle Spectrograph (OES) is a fibre-fed high-resolution spectrograph. The wavelength coverage of OES is from near UV (3753 Å) up to near IR (9195 Å). The resolving power is R=51600 (at 5000 Å) and R∼40000 (in Hα region). The spectral sampling is 2.4 Å/mm. The spectral range is covered by 56 usable orders. The number of spectral orders range from 92 to 36.

Single Order Spectrograph

Single order or coudé spectrograph works in the first and second spectral orders. Wavelength coverage of the second order is 4000-5100 Å (near UV and blue) with order length of 233 Å; wavelength coverage of the first order is 5100-8900 Å (red and near IR) with order length of 470 Å. Resolving power is ∼13 000 in Hα spectral region.

Photometric camera

The photometric camera is installed in the primary focus. The effective focal length in corrected primary focus is 7 m (focal ratio to f/3.5). The automatic exchange of the instruments between spectroscopic (fibers) and photometric (primary focus camera) configuration can be done within 1 minute. The camera is equipped with five position rotating filter wheel with different filters and cooled up electronically.

Other technical information