Applying for Observing Time

At the Perek telescope it is possible to apply for Regular Observing Proposals and for observing proposals through the ChETEC-INFRA Trans-National Access Programme.

Regular Observing Proposals

Who can apply?

ASU accepts observing proposals from anyone, regardless of nationality, affiliation, or status. A few nights per month are available at the Perek telescope for observing projects and programs led by external users (not affiliated with ASU) to support new ideas and scientific progress in the field.

How do I apply for observing time at ASU?

Applications for observation time at ASU have to be written in a free format following the guidelines available here and sent as a PDF file by e-mail to

A description of the general rules and policies and procedures for allocation of observing time on the Perek telescope at ASU in Ondřejov can be found here.

Tables with typical times for the different operations when observing at the telescope are available at observing overheads.

Cost of the telescope time

The price of the observation is determined based on the operating costs of the telescope, including the salaries of technicians and night assistants. This price is adjusted and unilaterally determined by AsÚ Ondřejov always at the beginning of the year, taking into account changes and expectations of the amount of costs. Value added tax is included in the price. The current version of the price list is available from the head of the stellar department of ASU Ondřejov upon request (Brankica Kubátová).


Telescope time for the Perek telescopes in Ondřejov is allocated four times per year. Accepted proposal stays active for 12 months.

Submission DeadlineEarliest start of observations
1st of September, at 23:59 CET*1st of December
1st of December, at 23:59 CET1st of March
1st of March, at 23:59 CET1st of June
1st of June , at 23:59 CET1st of September
*CET- Central European Time

The ChETEC-INFRA Trans-National Access Programme

The ChETEC-INFRA (Chemical Elements as Tracers of the Evolution of the Cosmos – Infrastructures for Nuclear Astrophysics) Trans-National Access Programme provides access to telescopes for astronomical observations, nuclear laboratories to measure nuclear properties and rates, and supercomputers to compute complex stellar models aimed at Nuclear astrophysics research.

More details who can apply and how to apply for observing time through ChETEC-INFRA can be found here.