Operation and Development

Operation and Development of the Perek 2-m Telescope

The main task of this group, led by Miroslav Šlechta, is to maintain and upgrade the Perek 2-m telescope in Ondřejov. The Ondřejov 2-m telescope is the largest optical instrument for stellar and, more recently, exoplanetary research in the Czech Republic. The telescope is equipped with single order and echelle spectrographs, both placed in the Coudé focus. The telescope has been in operation since 1967 and has become a national instrument for astrophysical research.

The group is a team of technicians, mechanics, electricians and software engineers. It consists of non-scientific technical staff whose primary responsibility is to ensure that the telescope functions. The group provides technical support and maintains and develops the telescope and its instruments (spectrographs and photometric camera). Members of the group also act as observers during each observing night.

Members of the group